User / Role / project Administration

User Management

List users

$ openstack user list

Create user

$ openstack user create --password <user_pssword> <username>

Update curent user password

$ openstack user password set --password <new-password>

Delete User

$ openstack user delete <username>

Catalog managamenet

Create service

$ openstack service create --name <service_name> \
    --description "<service_description>" <openstack_service_name>


$ openstack service create --name glance \
        --description "OpenStack Image service" image

Create endpoint

$ openstack endpoint create --region <region_name>\
    image public <endpoint_url>


$ openstack endpoint create --region RegionOne \
    image public http://controller:9292

Project Management

List project

$ openstack project list

Create project

$ openstack project create <project>

Delete project

$ openstack project delete <project>

Role Management

List Role

$ openstack role list

Show role detail

$ openstack role show <role_ip>

Create Role

$ openstack role create <role_name>

Delete Role

$ openstack role delete <role_id>

Assign role to a user

$ openstack role add --project <project_id> --user <user> <role>

List role assignemnt

$ openstack role assignment list

Remove role to a user

$ openstack role remove --project <project_id> --user <user> <role>